Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)

The UEZ program was created in 1983 to stimulate growth in urban communities, providing incentives for businesses to set up shop and create private-sector jobs. 

UEZ registered businesses are able to charge half the sales tax rate – currently 3.3125% and make tax free purchases on certain items such as capital equipment, facility expansions, and upgrades. In addition, registered businesses can take advantage of the various business assistance programs offered by the City’s UEZ office. New programs are expected to be offered from year to year as funding is made available by the State. 

Asbury Park has received funding approval for the following programs for local registered UEZ businesses:

  1. Façade and Walkway Improvement Program (Click here for the application)
  2. Micro-business Lease Subsidy Program (Click here for the application)
  3. Funding for supplemental Asbury Park Police foot patrol through the City’s business districts

To participate in the benefits of being a business in the Asbury Park Urban Enterprise Zone, a business must first register at the State of New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone registration site.  Instructions are below:

To register your Business with the State of New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) Program:

1. Determine if your business is in the City of Asbury Park's Urban Enterprise Zone

Click here for the UEZ Map and enter the street address of your business. If your business is in the blue shaded area, you are in the Zone. If your business is in the yellow shaded area, you are not in the Zone.

2. If your business is in the Zone, create a MyNJ Account through the NJ.GOV website

 Visit www.njgov.com and click on "Login" on the upper left corner of the home page. Then click on "sign up" on the bottom right, or click here to go directly to the sign up page. 

3. After you have established a MyNJ account, create a Premier Business Services account. 

This is where you will answer questions about your business -- ie business name, type, year in which you started the business, Federal EIN etc.

4. You will then have access to the UEZ Business Certification System, where you register your business.

To register, you'll need to provide number of employees, dollar size of inventory, business street address, lot and block location of business, etc.

For questions on registering your business, contact:

JulieAnn Murray
 City of Asbury Park
 Urban Enterprise Zone Business Development Administrator
 Phone: 732-502-4579