Code Blue Alert Information

Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management will declare a Code Blue Extreme Cold Alert during periods of extremely cold weather. Code Blue is a multi-agency effort to reduce hypothermia deaths during the winter months by protecting the vulnerable homeless population. A Code Blue Alert enables Monmouth County authorities to make sheltering arrangements for homeless.

A Code Blue Extreme Cold Alert may be declared based on the following criteria:

  • Temperatures will reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower with or without precipitation 

Need help, or know someone that needs help?

During regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to pm) individuals in need should:

  • Call the Monmouth County Division of Social Services (MCDSS) 732-431-6000 extension 4613.

On weekends and after hours:

  • Call 211 to request Code Blue placement.
  • If 211 cannot help, contact Asbury Park Police Department at 732-774-1300 to assist with CODE Blue placement.  

Residents can also call 211 or APPD at 732-774-1300 to report specific concerns about vulnerable neighbors during Code Blue Extreme Cold Alerts.

Residents should call 911 if you are having a cold-related emergency.

For more information:

  • Click here for New Jersey Code Blue information
  • Click here for information from the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Department