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Electric Scooter Sharing

Scooter share provides residents, employees, and visitors with an electric foot scooter to rent for a quick errand, a trip to the beach, or a climate-friendly commute. Riders can rent the nearest available scooter, ride it to where they want to go, and leave it responsibly parked for the next person to ride.

The City of Asbury Park has selected LINK powered by Superpedestrian to deploy an electric scooter share program across the entire City starting May 21, 2021. The program includes up to 250 scooters stationed at over 50 designated parking locations around Asbury Park.

In selecting the LINK team to help launch Asbury Park’s e-mobility project, the City is sure to receive quality products and commitment from the experienced e-scooter provider. These scooters will be equipped with front and rear safety lights, a bell and a speed limiter of up to 12mph. They will be available for rent Monday to Sunday from 7am to 9pm for riders 18 years and older.‍

How to Rent a Scooter

Scooters are available for rental through a smartphone application, with instructions available on each scooter. Cash payment and non-smartphone rental options are available.

  • To rent a scooter: Download the LINK app: iOSAndroid
  • Cost: LINK charges $1 to unlock its scooters and then $0.35/minute during an active rental.
  • If you receive subsidized rent, discounted utilities, or receive nutritional assistance (e.g. SNAP), you likely qualify for rides at a reduced fare.
    • Apply for LINK-Up (Rides are discounted at 70% off the regular fare.)
  • Register by entering your Facebook information or using your email.  After creating a password, your account will be set up pending payment information. You will also need to scan your driver's license to verify that you are over the age of 18.

When you are ready to ride:

1. Open the app to find the nearest available scooter.

2. Scan the QR code to unlock the scooter.

3. Complete the mandatory rider education steps.

4. Give yourself a kickstart and then use the throttle to accelerate.

5. Park the scooter neatly at your destination in a scooter parking area.

6. Use the app to end your trip. 

Rules of the Road

Scooters can be a fun new way to get around, but they come with some new rules to help all stay safe on City streets. The rules and regulations for electric scooters are defined in ordinance 2019-27, adopted by the Asbury Park City Council on July 10, 2019. Here are the most important ones to keep in mind:

  • Where to ride: Scooter users are required to ride in the street and are permitted to ride in the City’s bike lanes and on multi-use paths. Sidewalk riding is prohibited. All e-scooter users must yield to pedestrians and other slower-moving street users. The Asbury Park Boardwalk is a no-ride zone - scooters will not be active along the Boardwalk. The use of scooters is limited to within the boundaries of the City of Asbury Park.
  • Where to park: Scooters must park in designated scooter parking areas on the sidewalk or in the street in no parking areas at inbound legs of intersections. The designated scooter parking areas are located in the app. Never park a scooter where it obstructs pedestrian access on sidewalks or at crosswalks. Any scooters parked in this area pose a safety hazard and limit mobility for pedestrians and people with disabilities and will be removed. Never park in the street or where you can block building entrances or sidewalks.
  • Riding on the sidewalk: Scooter users are prohibited from riding on the sidewalk. Fines may be assessed.
  • Speed limits: The City's scooter-share program is capped at 12 MPH, with slower speed caps in high pedestrian areas.
  • Age restrictions: All scooter riders must be 18 years or older.
  • One rider per scooter: Only one person can ride a scooter at a time.
  • Rental restrictions: The terms of agreements with scooter-share company (LINK) require that all rentals must be made by the rider of the scooter.
  • Helmets: The use of helmets is strongly encouraged.

Scooter Rules of the Road Flyer (PDF)

For Questions, Complaints or Issues

To report issues directly related to the electric scooter sharing pilot program operating in Asbury Park, please use the in-app instructions or contact the support team using the information listed below:

LINK Customer Service (24/7 accessibility): Call: 844-701-8163

Scooter Locations - May 2021

The 2019 Pilot Program First Month Report can be found here.