WaterWheels Reservations

WaterWheels are adaptive chairs that allow residents and visitors living with paralysis to safely navigate the Asbury Park beaches. The chairs easily move over the sand, and into the water, with the assistance of two caregivers to steer the equipment.

Reservation Hours

WaterWheels can be reserved in 2-hour time slots during the regular beach season when lifeguards are on duty: Memorial Day through at least Labor Day, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m, Weekends and Holidays 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

For Advance Reservations

Provide the date and 2-hour time slot you are requesting and:

Once requested, the Beach Office will follow up via email within 24 hours to confirm your time. If your requested time slot is full, you will be provided with alternative dates and/or times.

For Reservations with Less Than 24 Hours Notice

  • Call the Beach Office at 732-502-8863
  • Visit the Beach Office located on the Boardwalk at 1st Avenue, or the Ticket Booths at 2nd or 3rd Avenues

Equipment Pick Up & Use

For pick up, speak to an attendant at the Ticket Booths located on the Boardwalk at 2nd or 3rd Avenues, or at the Beach Office located at 1st Avenue. They will help get the equipment to you. Under no circumstances will WaterWheels be available for use if a lifeguard is not on duty at the designated beach.

If you did not fill out the online reservation form in advance, you will be provided with a reservation form on-site to fill out and sign.

Caregivers Required & Liability Information

Please note that an individual using a WaterWheels must have two adult caregivers who shall be responsible for transferring individuals in and out of the equipment, and for overseeing its use, both on the sand and in the water. The caregivers must be physically able to undertake those tasks and move the occupied WaterWheels across the sand and through the water. The City is not responsible for transferring individuals into, or out of, the WaterWheels and shall have no liability for any injuries caused during the transfer or use of the WaterWheels. Further, the City is not responsible for the security of, or any damage to, your unaccompanied wheelchair and belongings while you use a WaterWheels.

Hold Harmless Agreement

As partial consideration for the City’s grant of a license for your access to, and use of, a WaterWheels, by signing up to use a WaterWheels, you hereby agree to the following release, indemnification and hold harmless terms (the “Hold Harmless Agreement”):

The undersigned acknowledges the risk of use of WaterWheels, including but not limited to the inherent danger associated with entry into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in a modified wheelchair. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the undersigned, for myself and on behalf of my estate, successors and assigns (individually and collectively known herein as the “Releasor”) agrees to release, indemnify and hold the City of Asbury Park and its Officers, Directors, Employees, Appointed or Elected Officials, departments, volunteers and insurers, including but limited to the NJ Intergovernmental Insurance Fund (collectively referred to herein as the “Releasees”) harmless from any and all liability, claims, costs and attorney's fees rising out of access to, transfer in and out of and the use of the WaterWheels, both on the sand and in the water. I further acknowledge and agree that this Hold Harmless Agreement also requires that I indemnify and defend the Releasees from any losses or damages resulting from the acts or omissions from any family member, caregiver, guest, aide or attendant or injury that may occur to them and to any other person or persons arising from the use of the WaterWheels.

Cancel / Revoke License

The City of Asbury Park reserves the right to cancel or revoke this license at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to the safety and security of myself or others.