Parking & Transportation

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The Parking & Transportation department is responsible for management of all municipal transportation and parking services in the City of Asbury Park. This includes parking, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and safety, traffic control, signage and striping, and coordination with State, County and local agencies and partners related to transportation.

Asbury Park’s streets are for everyone - pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders. The City has adopted a Complete Streets policy to develop a transportation network that promotes walking, cycling, public transit, rideshare and other multi-modal transportation. 

Getting To, and Around, Asbury Park

A short 90-minute drive from both New York City and Philadelphia, the City is served by both public and private transportation services, making it easy to get to Asbury Park. And, getting around Asbury Park is even easier – the City is a very walkable 1.6 square miles. Most destinations are reachable on foot or by bicycle. And there are a number of public and private transportation options available. For more information, click here.


Due to high parking demand, the City utilizes metered and permitted public parking on busier corridors. Permits are available for residents, residents' guests, and employees of local businesses. For information on parking rates, permits, parking lots, handicapped and disabled veteran parking, event reservation parking and the Parking Committee, click here.


For information on bicycle registration, bike parking, safety tips and the City of Asbury Park Plan for Walking and Biking, click here.


Scooter share provides residents, employees, and visitors with an electric foot scooter to rent for a quick errand, a trip to the beach, or a climate-friendly commute. Riders can rent the nearest available scooter, ride it to where they want to go, and leave it responsibly parked for the next person to ride. More information on how to rent a scooter is available here.

Electric Vehicles

Public Electric Vehicle Chargers are available along Mattison Avenue between Main Street and Bond Street, Seventh Avenue between Kinglsey Street and Ocean Avenue, and Springwood Avenue between Union Avenue and Sylvan Avenue. Download the Greenspot Mobile App to begin charging. For more information, click here.

Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is the practice of managing vehicular speeds and/or volumes of traffic on City streets through infrastructure or roadway design. Strategies are being implemented throughout the city to improve safty and promote slower travel speeds. Learn more about what initiatives are taking place here.

Street Cleaning

Much of the city utilizes alternate side parking regulations for street cleaning purposes. Schedules and routes can be found here.

Ongoing Construction

See what roadway projects are taking place throughout the city here.

Truck Routes

Current regulations regarding trucks, buses, and trailers can be found here.