City Manager

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The City Manager's Office is dedicated to providing the highest level of municipal services for the residents of Asbury Park at the lowest possible cost. City Hall is committed to meeting the needs of our community by delivering effective and efficient services, and our dedicated staff strive to be responsive, innovative and proactive in serving the citizens of Asbury Park.

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City Manager Duties & Responsibilities

The City Manager shall:

  1. Be the Chief Executive and Administrative Official of the City.
  2. Compile and submit to the City Council the tentative annual budget.
  3. Execute all laws and ordinances of the City.
  4. Appoint and remove all Department Heads and all other officers, subordinates, and assistants for whose selection or removal no other method is provided in this section, supervise and control his/her appointees, and report all appointments or removals at the next meeting thereafter of the City Council.
  5. Negotiate contracts for the City subject to the approval of the City Council, make recommendations concerning the nature and location of City improvements, and execute City improvements as determined by the City Council.
  6. See that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the City or its inhabitants in any statute, public utility franchise or other contract are faithfully kept and performed, and upon knowledge of any violation call the same to the attention of the City Council.
  7. Attend all meetings of the City Council with the right to take part in the discussions, but without the right to vote.
  8. Recommend to the Council for adoption such measures as he/she may deem necessary or expedient, and make reports to the Council as requested by it, and at least once a year make an annual report of his/her work for the benefit of the Council and public.
  9. Investigate at any time the affairs of any officer or department of the City.
  10. Perform such other duties as may be required of the City Manager by ordinance or resolution of the Council.

The Manager shall in all matters act under the direction and supervision and subject to the approval of the City Council.