Storm Parking

Parking for Winter Storms

When possible, park vehicles off-street in driveways prior to and during winter storms.

Coastal flooding may occur as a result of a storm. Do not park your car on the lake side of roads by Wesley, Sunset, or Deal lakes. If you live in a low-lying area, move your car to higher ground.

Alternate Side Parking

After snowfall has ended, park on the odd-numbered side of the road. On the following day, park on the even-numbered side of the road. 

Alternate side parking rules do not apply in areas that are marked for no parking in snow emergency. Please refer to the Alternate Side/No Parking Legend (PDF) (or in some cases street signage) for parking rules.

One Way Streets

On one-way streets, park on the left hand side of streets as you face the direction of traffic flow (east side for south bound, west side for north bound). This will make it easier for plows to operate on the narrow streets such as Bond, Emory, Heck, Bergh and Webb.

Plowing Questions

With a large snowfall, it will take some time before the plows can get to all the streets. Please contact Public Works at 732-775-0900 with plowing questions. Staff will be out plowing so you might not receive an immediate call back