New Jersey Natural Gas

How to Recognize a Natural Gas Leak

  1. Smell - The distinctive odor of rotten eggs (You may not smell the odor if you have a diminished sense of smell, the odor is masked by other scents or it has faded.)
  2. Look - Discolored or dead vegetation, disturbed soil or a dense mist above the pipeline
  3. Listen - A loud and high-pitched sound
  4. Act - If you smell or suspect a natural gas leak, evacuate everyone from the building or site immediately and then call New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) from a safe location at 800-GAS-LEAK (427-5325). Give your location.

Safety Tips for Gas Leaks

  • Remove cigarettes or other smoking materials from the area, and then promptly extinguish them.
  • Do not use telephones, cellular or cordless, on the premises where the leak is suspected.
  • Do not activate light switches, electrical appliances, flashlights, doorbells or even garage door openers as electrical appliances and devices could cause a spark.
  • Do not re-enter the building until NJNG has declared it to be safe.

For your safety, we promptly investigate suspected natural gas leaks as a free service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.