Safe Stop Tips

  1. Pull over in a safe place, as soon as possible.
  2. Without delay, calmly comply with the Officer’s instructions.
    1. Drivers must listen to what the Officer says and follow the Officer’s instructions.
  3. When you are asked for ID and driving credentials, provide them.
    1. Drivers must provide a driver’s license, registration, and insurance card upon the request of the Officer.
    2. Keep your license, insurance card and registration in a place you can easily access. Tell the officer that you are going to reach for these documents.
  4. Once you provide the necessary identification and information, you have the right to remain silent.
    1. Drivers and passengers do not have to answer any additional questions once proper documentation has been provided to the Officer.
  5. Keep your hands visible, preferably on the steering wheel.
    1. When the officer can see your hands it has a calming effect and they do not feel you are trying to harm them. Removing your hands or any sudden movement will have a negative impact on the situation.
  6. When the officer instructs you to step out of the vehicle, you should cooperate.
    1. Officers may ask drivers to exit the vehicle for any reason. They may ask passengers to get out of the vehicle in certain circumstances. If drivers or passengers do not follow instructions to exit, police may use reasonable force to remove them.
  7. The street is not the place for a dispute; you can file a complaint later.
    1. If you have an issue with the stop or the officer’s behavior, you always have the right to file a complaint at a later date.
    2. Following an officer’s instructions at the scene does not waive your right to later challenge the stop, the arrest, or any of the officer’s instructions.
  8. Take other steps to make the traffic stop as safe as possible, including:
    1. Turn down your music.
    2. If you are stopped at night, turn on your dome and/or interior lights. This will increase the visibility inside your vehicle so the Officer will be less concerned about what he or she can’t see.
    3. Roll down your driver’s side window. Roll down any other windows if those windows are tinted. This also will increase the Officer’s visibility.
    4. Stay calm.

For more information, please refer to the Office of the Attorney General.