Special Events

The City of Asbury Park is host to hundreds of special events each year including road races, community block parties, fundraisers, festivals, parades, religious events, weddings, sidewalk sales and more.

We are delighted that you will be attracting visitors, building community, supporting local businesses and energizing our City.

The Special Events Permit has been developed for any person or group who wants to host a special event that impacts public property and City services. It also serves to help those hosting events to consider all the logistics necessary for operating a safe and successful event.

The Special Events Department works with other City departments to make sure all necessary permits, licenses, agreements and insurance are in place for events hosted on public property.

Who Needs a Special Events Permit?

A Special Events Permit is needed for any event that uses City-owned property, City equipment or City services, including street closures, Police, Fire, EMS and Public Works services.

How Does It Work?

Once an Special Events Permit Application is submitted, the Special Events Committee, comprised of the Recreation, Fire and Police Departments, reviews the application for all necessary licenses, agreements and insurance coverage. Once approved by the Special Events Committee, the application is then submitted to Asbury Park City Council for formal approval.

For those looking to host a wedding, a Special Events Permit can be requested by filling out a Wedding Application.

Please note: Submitting a Special Events Permit Application or Wedding Application does not guarantee permission from the City of Asbury Park.

Applications & Resources

For the Special Events Permit Application, click here.

For the Wedding Application, click here.

Click here for a list of City Facilities.

For questions on your application, contact Special Events Director Leesha Floyd at leesha.floyd@cityofasburypark.com or 732-502-5759.